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2 April 2015

Drawing is FUN!

Get ready with pencil and pen and watercolour and paper and on and on and on!. Hahahahhahaha. Sekadar lawak di hari yang indah ini. Lagipun, hari ini saya nak share hobi utama saya, Melukis atau DRAWING. Yeahh... Hebat bukan? Wakaka. BTW, drawing can release your tension and make our life full of unlimited creativity. When I get started, firstly hard but later, as easy as ABC. Now, theres some of my drawings from the first until now.

All in 2011
The beginning...

Who else?

Second try

Brother request

My imagination

Second try of him

The incident never forget

The famous game


Addicted, :P

Just trying

Favorite flavour

Stickman smile

My sis, Fya Pelangi!

All in 2014/15

Thanks to my friend who give support

Blue is the COLOUR~~

Sister request

Thomas Cup 2014


Sketch? :)

Though its hard but not.

Easy, ;)

Spurs? Hukhukhuk

First try, 1 hour finish

World Cup 2014

National Day, 31st August

Sided woman

Behind woman

Thats all my drawings. Actually, drawing cant be perfect without someone to support our effort. Thanks to my family, friends and so on coz bring me to the next level. Yay!!! Owh, I also followed this famous user, @cyarine. She drew amazing pictures and cartoon. I like it much, :D. Same as me, she had a hard time to draw but later, she just can done it within 10 min. Superb.!. Thats all, thanks for reading. PSST, check it out at my Instagram., @soda6565_  :) I LOVE MY DRAWING!!!

Football Respect

Salam Bloggers,

Bolasepak... salah satu permainan yang cukup popular iaitu dimainkan dalam 11 orang pemain di padang dan 11 lagi di simpanan. Setiap pemain mempunyai peranan masing2 spt striker, midfielder, defender dan gkeeper sndiri. Mereka juga ada ketua tersendiri yg digelar Kapten!. Kapten plak ade ketua gak, digelar Coach!. Hahaha, cm pelik tetibe je ehh. Im sayin' this coz I wanna share something that I think everyone should praise and follow their attitude. Something touch and happy moment that football fans never forget in all their life. Bolasepak bukan permainan, mereka juga mempunyai peraturan yg dibenarkan ketika bermain. Sambil men, biaselah, ada terjah, ade yg berlanggar, itu adat tp susah nak jumpa yg mcm jnis mngalah kan? Yg x suka crik gaduh. Betul, sekarang da susah nk crik player cmtuh. Yang ada pun, org yg sme jee. Nak le jugak tgk player2 len. Without them, who goin to do next?...

They are great, amazing, awesome and wonderfull! Thanks for showing the truth of the football player. Thats it, hopefully it continues until in the end. All the best, football stars. Even Pepe could do it, why not? Haha, keep calm and game on! Thanks for reading.