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22 November 2016

Puskas Award 2016, Messi? Come on..

Seriously? I don't get it why still the peoples vote for Messi. Come on, stop sayin' he's world best.

It wasn't only him is the world best but yet Ballon d Or 2015 is him while he injured the a few months and Neymar are just doin' great for Barca but still can't have the Ballon d Or. Gonna mention Ballon d Or 2014, CR7 won it., Yes, but can't accept coz Neuer just did it much better and just won a World Cup.

Welp, talking about Puskas, I like Kekana and Saul. Kekana just shoot so damn far direct to goal and Saul, he did solo and beat 4 Bayern players, of coz he's also doing great!.

However I'll vote for Faiz Subri, yes I'm Malaysian. I want to make his moment come true. By the way, you guys can't deny the goal. It shows clearly perfect curves and unexpected by goalkeeper.

Stop thinking just because we are Malaysia, we didn't have skillful players. We do have a futures. This sport aren't dead in our nation yet.

"Your ranking are the worst"

Yes I admit it but it doesn't stop us to keep supporting our national football. As long we're all alive, the game isn't dead yet.

Alright, possibly there was a few peoples aren't satisfied with the nominees. I mean, they want Cr7, Ozil, Shaqiri, Payet.. Welp, yes and it just me that always thinking how come Messi goal are listed..

"You are Anti-Messi"

Whatever, you can say so much and yes, I never like Messi. I just don't like he being UNFAIR. That's all. Talking about his gameplay, styles thats fine for me.. Ughh. That freekick looks normal tho. Neymar, I like the way he's fool those defender and create a goal. Yup, I like that. Its much different than the other goals.

That Messi's goal even already did by our country player, Safiq Rahim. Score against Liverpool but nobody notice that.. Kinda suprising.. Hemhemhem..

Anyway, that's all my opinions, if you found any mistake I'm sorry but not mistake for Messi. I found it truth! LOL. Bye~.

VOTED FOR MOHD FAIZ SUBRI. Congrats! #MalaysiaBoleh

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