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12 November 2016

Tutorial Spontan!: Put Animated GIF or Giphy straight line in Blog.

Hello guys!

Cheer up, its already midnight here. Errr. K since I found this, I wanna share it with you, Anonymous. Did you see Schuerrle, Dembele, Rode and Mor just now? Up there?

"Maybe I know them"

"Who's that?"

"Aww so cute!"

"I don't care, I just want this fucking how to do that"

JAHAHAHAHA, that must be your answer. Anyway sorry for my bad english. I'm trying to practice my grammar for nothing. Yup, nothing. Nothing to do actually. Just practicing...

Follow the steps!

1. Find your favor GIF or get to Giphy now! (the link will direct to Borussia Dortmund search).

2. Grab one or two or three or four like mine.

3. After you click one of your wanted GIF, you'll find embedded code below it.

4. Copy ALL the codes.

5. Get to HTML/Javascript.! Paste the codes there.

6. After pasted, the code "<p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>"., its up to you whether you want to delete or not. It just direct you to website. I guess... Welp, up to you. Mine was deleted.

7. Then, add "align="center"" between """ and "width...". Also you can adjust the GIF size. Its up to you, again. You can do like me, width "200" and height "200" or width "200" and height "113" to save space. It cute btw.

You guys got it,.. right? Hope so.

8. Next, put the code "<center>" on first and last places.

9. In case you want to put more like mine...

10. Alright! Thats it! All done and save! The result should be fine.

I hope it works on you. Wordpress, hmm. I dunno that tho. Never have that. lol. Anyways, gonna thanks for this websites, Coz, this guide me how to keep the GIF in straight line. Whoa, sorry for my bad english. BYE~.

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