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9 May 2017

(Solution) WWESuperCard: Preparing to download... blah blah

Hi, I'm just wanna to share my solution for this problem. Instead being annoyed by "waiting on network", even worst is "preparing to download the assets". At least that "waiting on network" problem, we still be able to play the game. If this happened on you, I bet you know the frustrated feelings. Shit it's horrible. So here the solution thanks to some comments in reddit website. I'm just glad I red those comments, if you ever try to search in 2K forum, there is some few solutions that they're all suggested but it doesn't work on mine. Here's the options list,

1. Try to make a space on phone. This game required about 300+ mb. Then, reinstall the game.

2. Make sure you have a strong internet. This is some annoying problem coz if you don't have strong internet, I bet you'll stuck or keep downloading the assets.

3. Reset the phone to factory reset. (This is what I did).

This is the example but it same anyway

So I figured out of these solutions, the first and second won't work until the last one, I'm able to get in the game again. I'm using my backup phone anyway. I bought the new one coz the last one got a setting problem which it can't make me to connect the data, (well, the phone keep rebooting, :'( ). Even in my new phone, I still stuck in "preparing to download the assets". I was like, wtf are you serious?! New phone suppose to be new start but it become something else. But in other thing, some phone aren't in new condition. Lol. So this one also, I reset it to factory and it works fine later. Its trucking annoyed me much but I can play it btw. Hope this work on you, if not I dunno., spam the email to them? Lol. If they would ever to give a quick respond. Trollollololol.

There's also another solution. I tried but failed. Some of them, its work or just another accounts that just make the video looks legit.

That's all from me! Have a nice day.

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