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22 May 2017

WWESuperCard: Simple tips for MiTB.

Yo anonymous,

This post are only sharing some tips how to get all win in MiTB. I did coz I see some people were struggling to get that 2x pts, even worst always lost. So here my suggestions, all you have to do is this,

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm on Ultimate and I used WM 32 version card in my MiTB. Why? Lemme tell ya. When you puts yours stronger cards in MiTB, probably all of it isn't same tier and same pro'ed. Later when you plays, you will get the random opponents based on your deck. Let say, I put like 3 Ulimate pro'ed, 4 or 5 random Ultimate singles and 3 or 2 Elite pro'ed or Elite singles. You will definitely meet opponents alot with Elite pro'ed, Ultimate singles, WM33 singles and maybe could even worst, Ultimate pro'ed.

"You said you puts 3 Ultimate pro'ed already, meet opponents with Ultimate pro'ed won't be a problem"

Yes it is but what if your Ultimate are pro'ed in wrong way or the worst stats like Sheamus, Tye? Say the battle are in randoms. Using Sheamus Ultimate pro'ed (example) for POW and TGH are fine but what if SPD and CHA? Same as Tye, he's good at POW and CHA, you may use him or other superstars to defeat the opponent who defeated your previous card but you can't guarantee the next opponent cards are easy to pass. Probably you'll stuck and lost the mode easily. And more harder thing, the opponent also puts the Ultimate pro'ed with a strong stats superstars like Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and more. It was unfortunate. You don't know what will it be. I used Sheamus and Tye as example coz I have them both pro'ed. Its frustrated that knowing their stats are weak (they can't pass Matt Hardy WM33 Event single and Aliestar Black WM33 Event single). Tye still new (NXT card) so I guess that's why his stats are kinda low but Sheamus?! He was my freebie and even I pro'ed him, Rhyno (pro'ed) are stronger than him. WTFrog.

So as conclusion here, you need to balance the deck. Like my example (the picture), I used the WM cards so I can fight the opponent with same tier. You may use another tier like Legendary, Survivor, Harderned, Elite, Ultimate or WM33. You can't use the low cards like Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare or Epic coz you'll get the bronze case more than silver and gold ones.

You may wondering why I have Survivor cards in deck. That's coz I don't have enough WM cards so I put two Survivors (if combined, I mean not a pro, just two different cards with combined stats) which it helps me to defeat at least one WM card in MiTB. Like a backup plans but I preferred to have all the same tier cards. I changed them all to WM ones.


I managed to get Alexa. Now working on other her so I can jump to WM33. Huuu.

Hope my tips could help you, anonymous. Sorry for my english or grammar if any. Stay grind. Stay happy. 

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